Höchste Standards für maximale Qualität

DELLER Safety Heat Exchangers ist nach wichtigen nationalen und internationalen Regelwerken zertifiziert. Auf diese Weise garantieren wir die Einhaltung von Standards und entscheidende Qualitätsmerkmale.

DIN EN ISO 9001 : 2015

DGRL 2014 68 EU Modul A/A2

DGRL 2014 68 EU Modul H/H1

DIN EN ISO 3834 AD2000 HP0

ASME U-Stamp

Standards for the future

For DELLER Safety Heat Exchangers, quality is a crucial standard that mirrors to what extent our manufactured products and conducted services meet the requirements of our customers. Whether these requirements concern the functionality, performance, or the price is rather indifferent. Our four foundations of quality strategy are the product-, staff-, solution-, and process quality. Our primary objective is obtaining the highest possible customer satisfaction with cost-optimized procedures.

This presupposes a profound understanding of our customers’ needs and requires resolute action from all our employees. Quality management is a continuous, entrepreneurial executive function for DELLER Safety Heat Exchangers. We have established a documented management system for planning, implementing, coordinating and systematically monitoring the quality strategy at DELLER Safety Heat Exchangers. This management system meets the requirements for a quality management system according to DIN EN ISO 9001.